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Kate Henshaw Blast Police Over Selfie With Evans The Kidnapper, Abba Kyari Responded

Abah Kyari with other police officer in a group photo with Evans After arrest

Nollywood Superstar, Kate Henshaw, blast policemen who took several pictures with Evans the kidnapper and splashed it all over the social media. It was like taking photo with some celebrity. “Are this men policemen?… Shame on you.” Ms Henshaw wrote as she posted one of the photo which include police officer in charge of the Evans operation, Abba Kyari.

However, police officer, Abba Kyari has come on Facebook to defend himself. Abba Kyari wrote:

Friends: Pls the story going Round Social Media that I Responded to the Negative Remarks made Against us by Actress Kate Henshaw is False. That Statement is not from me. Number 1) Am too busy to Respond to this type of Trivial Issues though it’s Unfortunate that When Somebody Goes Extra Length and Spent Several Years Chasing an Extremely Smart, Notorious and Deadly Criminal Terrorizing Innocent Citizens of this Country for over 20yrs and Suddenly Somebody feels Ridiculing Us is the best thing to do. (2) The Group Picture we had With Our Biggest Catch Evans was meant to be in our Personal IRT Achievement Album not the Social Media and Upto this moment we don’t know who Sent it to the Social Media, 3) We have Hard Copy Album That Carry all Pictures of our Outstanding Achievements like the Arrest of Godogodo, China, Nnamdi, Yemi Boss, Abdullahi, Victor, Vampire etc etc, These are the pictures/Album that we keep even after Retirement to Celebrate our Achievements and those pictures are for this Album not Social Media. 4) Am Happy to Snap the pictures with Evans our Biggest Catch like we did during Godogodo etc and it will remain in My Album for life and By GOD’s Grace My Grandchildren will See same Pictures and give Kudos to their Grandpa. 5) Pls She is entitled to her Opinion, I Solicit that nobody Should Join Issues with her and I wish her the best. Many Many Thanks to All my Friends and Well-wishers.

A couple of Nigerians have complained to NEWISSUES that the whole scenario of policemen taking pictures with a kidnapper like Evans and sharing all over the social media may even be wrong as it can put these policemen in danger.

Mr. Abba Kyari is saying he doesn’t know how the photos of policemen grinning with Evans the kidnapper took over the social media.

Abba Kyari, the lead officer in the Evans operation.

Kate Henshaw is saying there is something dumb about sharing such photo on social media


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