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ECONOMY | Mass Job Cut Hits First Bank, Several Staff Sacked


First Bank Nigeria has sacked over 1,000 of its work force, Wailersng.com learnt.

The bank in what it termed as cutting cost due to the present economic reality in Nigeria has laid off several of its workers to adjust it’s financials.

The affected staff especially the contact staff were laid off last week Thursday according to reports, the regular staff who have spent over 15 years were also laid off from the bank.

According to reports, some of the contact staff laid off ranging from lack of performance on the job, while others were facing one disciplinary actions or the other. The affected staff were reported to have tried to login into their workstations and were denied access which caused some serious panic among members of staff.

The estimated figure puts the regular staff sacked at over 1200 while that of contact staff were about 500 bankwide.

The bank also promoted  about 3000 staff who had performed to the expectations of the bank before they later embark on weekly sacking of other staff for various reasons.


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  1. Pls get ur fact straight b4 publishing anything, did u meet any of the sacked staff to hear their own side if the story, editor there is no contract staff that have any displinary issue with d bank, this is an integrity issue here, if the bank can come out along side the contract staff in a press conference were questions be put across for answers face to face

    • as a good journalist you should always get your fact before publishing none of the contract staffs that was affected has any issue with the bank likewise any query
      the bank just decide in their own wicked way to cheat those guys, anyway am not here to tell stories today just help appeal to the so called FIRSTBANK
      to payoff the affected staffs if you need to clarify anything u can reach me.

  2. This is exactly the issue most Nigerians has with our journalists. Publishing false news. You should have investigated before publishing. What u have here is totally untrue. Even your figures are not correct. This has nothing to do with performance nor disciplinary issue. If u got this from firstbank, then customers fund is at stake because d bank now lacks integrity.
    Thank you

  3. Bloody lier. This is an integrity issue. I am one of the affected staff, the bank can’t say we have a disiplinary issue, because I never had any issue since I joined the bank and my performance has been always outstanding which my BDM and BM can also testify to it. I have also been given commendation letter more than once for my outstanding performance. Instead of them compensating us in a good way, they do the other way round. I know my Good God is not sleeping. May HE judge the bank and the person that gave this speeach. Thank you.


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