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Historical Background Of The Tittle “Aare Ona Kakanfo” In Yorubaland [MUST READ]

The tittle Aare Ona Kakanfo has resurfaced into Nigerian media since the pronouncement and conferment of the tittle on the factional leader of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Chief Gani Adams by Aalafin of Oyo, Oba Adeyemi (Iku Babayeye).

WAILERSNG.com has compiled few useful articles to give insight into the reasons behind the creation and the significant of the title in Yoruba land.

-The Aare Ona Kakanfo title was created between 16th and 17th centuries by Alaafin Ajagbo.

The holder of the title bearer served as the Field Marshall and Commander of the military arm of the Yoruba Empire.

The title symbolises the power of the Oyo Empire. The holder of the title must not be defeated in war. It is a taboo for an Aare Ona Kakanfo to return from battle defeated. He either wins the battle or dies on the battlefield.

Among those that have been Aare Ona Kakanfo are:

1. Kokorogangan of Iwoye Ketu
2. Oyatope of Iwoye
3. Oyabi of Ajase
4. Adeta of Jabata
5. Oku of Jabata
6. Afonja of Ilorin
7. Toyeye of Ogbomoso
8. Edun of Gbogun
9. Amepo of Abemo
10. Kurunmi of Ijaye
11. Ojo Aburumaku of Ogbomoso
12. Latosisa of Ibadan
13. Ladoke Akintola of Ogbomoso
14. MKO Abiola of Abeokuta
15. Gani Adams of Akoko (new)

For those saying that the people with the title do not end well, apart from Afonja who betrayed Alaafin, all others served and defended Yoruba civilization and lived a full life. That the late MKO Abiola, who died in the detention camp of the Hausa/Fulani, in 1998 for refusing to trade his presidential mandate for freedom, doesn’t mean that all the past Aare Ona Kakanfo faced the same fate.

Under Gani Adams, the current Aare Ona Kakanfo, Yorubaland will have its own military and intelligence agencies. He will end the era of the Yoruba nation funding the Nigeria’s military and all the intelligence services, but with the command and control under the Hausa/Fulani. And if we are ever attacked in Yorubaland by the Hausa/Fulani or their friends, the young Yorubas will defend Yoruba civilization with the use of chemical and biological weapons.

Gani Adams as the Field Marshall and Commander of the military arm of the Yoruba nation in this day and age, cannot and will not rely only on “Oogun Abenu Gongo”, rather he would combine that with “Ado Oloro” to safeguard and defend Yorubaland from the barbarian Hausa/Fulani.

Source: Adeyinka Shoyemi


An office instituted by Alaafin Àjàgbó (Ọba arọ́tùn yìn’bọn idẹ, af’òsì ta’fà-a bàbà [The king who shoots a gun of bronze with the right and a cupric arrow with the left)

1. Ààrẹ Kòkòrò Gangàn of Iwoye Ketu.

2. Ààrẹ Oyatope of Iwoye

3. Ààrẹ Ọyáàbi of Ajasse [Conqueror of Basorun Gaha](Porto Novo, Benin Republic)

4. Ààrẹ Adeta of Jabata

5. Ààrẹ Oku of Jabata

6. Ààrẹ Afọ̀njá of Ìlọrin

7. Ààrẹ Tóyèyẹ of Ogbómọ̀ṣọ́

8. Ààrẹ Ẹdun of Gbógun (Conspired with Prince Àtìbà and the Fulani to oust Alaafin Olúewu for his dangerous frolicking with the Bariba hordes)

9. Ààrẹ Amepo of Abemọ

10. Ààrẹ Kúrúnmí Ọ̀nàlú of Ijaye,

11. Ààrẹ Òjó Aburúmákǔ of Ogbomoso

12. Ààrẹ Mohammadu Latosísà of Ibadan (The AOK during the 16 years civil war!)

13. Ààrẹ Ládòkè Akintọ́lá of Ogbomoso (Who bravely fought countless armed soldiers of the Nigerian army for 11 hours singlehandedly with his body riddled with bullets!)

14. Ààrẹ MKO Abiola of Abeokuta (He fought a brutal dictator and won’t take the cowardly settlement he was offered)

15. Ààrẹ Abiọ́dún Gani Adams of Àkókó.

-Compiled by Akinadé.

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