PDP Chair | Northern Delegates, PDP Stakeholders Rally Round Gbenga Daniel (SEE COMMENTS) 

    • And PDP Big Shots Too

    He is the one everyone is talking about now. His name is on the lips of every politically conscious Nigerian at this time. Otunba Gbenga Daniel, former 2 time governor of Ogun State his contesting for the office of PDP Chairmanship and appears to be enjoying a lot of goodwill. Here are some of his endorsements.

    Gbenga Daniel has been my very good friend since the days he was governor of Ogun State. I  remember the very good hospitality he affords me anytime I visit Ogun State. We are all praying  for you to succeed in this quest and I am personally enjoining you not to forget the people when  you get there. You are free to visit me at anytime”

    – The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III


    Your Excellency, I have known you for a long time and I know you as a man of quality.

    Our people have come from all over the State just to hear you speak and I am sure that the reaction is

    positive. Our elders says ‘the evening shows how the night will be’ and from what you have seen  today, I’m sure you know our delegates are very impressed by you and they will speak with one  voice when the convention comes.”

    – Engr. (Dr.) Sam Ohuotu; PDP Chairman, Kogi State.


    You are a man of courage, resilience and optimism who can run the affairs of the party creditably  well.

    – Former Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko.


    “The PDP needs a quality leader like the former governor (OGD) at this critical period. The PDP is  more concerned about the quality of who will lead the party and that is why Daniel’s ambition is  being taken with all seriousness.

    “I assure you, we’ll be on the same page. We’ll mobilise for you and see how it goes”.

    “You can count on my support. As a matter of fact, I initiated this project (Chairmanship), you  remember I whispered it to you at your 60th birthday”.

    “OGD, incidentally you’re in the news all over the north. I listened to the news of your  endorsement by IBB on Radio Kaduna this morning, it was very detailed. That radio covers many  parts of the north. Everyone now knows you have gone to receive blessing from the right  quarters”.

    – Former governor of Kano State and erstwhile Minister of Education, Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau.


    “I was elated when I first heard that you were interested in volunteering yourself for this great  service to our country. You represent the breathe of fresh air that the Party deserves at this  stage”.

    “I know OGD very well and I know his unparalleled capacity for work. I have a strong conviction

    that with OGD as chairman, the Party can be turned around again”.

    “I am supporting you because I know you very well. OGD, you’re my Chairman in waiting.”

    – Former President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.


    “Otunba Daniel is a great man and without doubt, the right man for the job. PDP  is currently facing serious challenges and the party needs you at this crucial  period”.


    “When I was told you were on your way to my house for a visit, I knew you must come to me anytime you visit the State and here you are. You are a great man and a good man. What I can deduce by your visit today is that you are a real party man and a good politician. I implore you to please keep the flag flying. I am wholeheartedly PDP. You have been governor for eight years and I’m happy you  are aspiring to be the national chairman of the party. It is unfortunate that we had the misfortune we had in 2015 but we shall make sure we get it back. As a former governor, I am sure you know where we made mistakes and the steps you are taking are encouraging”.


    “I don’t need to contest for delegate. I am an automatic delegate and I want to  assure you that you already have my vote. I will vote for you. I say this with all emphasis and I want everybody to know. Count on me and keep working on others and by the grace of God, your aspiration shall come to pass”.

    – Former PDP Chairman, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor.


    “Many politicians may say something and do another but I’m not like that. We have discussed about your ambition before you came and I want to assure that I will stand by what I told you.”

    “The PDP of today is different from the past. There must be a level playing ground where the the aspirants should be allowed to meet the delegates instead of just sitting in Abuja and deciding who to vote for. That will be unfair to the party”.

    “Now you are working hard and going round the country campaigning, that is a good development. I know you as a colleague and a friend and I know that if you can lead a complex state like Ogun, you can also lead the PDP”

    “You can see that someone who left his home state of Ogun to come and talk to delegates in Sokoto is a serious aspirant.”

    – Former Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa


    “I have seen in your entourage the people we know and in whom we are well pleased. We know that with them our party is in safe hands”

    “Your Excellency, you’re our leader and friend. Let me assure you that we will try to be equitable and fair to all aspirants. Gombe is a unique State and our delegates will listen to you, assess each aspirant and vote according to their will”.

    “If I was the one to decide for Gombe, I would have asked you to just go and sleep but it is good that you have come and be assured that our delegates will be fair to you.”

    – Gombe State Governor,  Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo


    “You’re our friend. If I ask each delegate seated here one by one, they will have positive things to say about you. In Gombe, we eat PDP, we sleep PDP. We are the only state in the north to survive the 2015 Tsunami and so we appeal to you to make Gombe your campaign base”.

    – Gombe State PDP Chairman, Barr. Joel Adams Jagafa.


    “Otunba Daniel is what the party needs now in face of the 2019 mission. I know his capabilities, I know his antecedents. We need someone of his calibre, someone who has suffered impunity and knows what it means.

    “He is the right person to lead the party. His aspiration is a very special one and even if we receive other aspirants, he is one of us, he understands our problem, we can trust him”.

    – Former Governor of Imo State, Dr. Achike Udenwa,


    “Otunba Gbenga Daniel is a true son of Nigeria and served the people of Ogun State well and will serve the party well. I must congratulate him on the good job he did as Governor of Ogun State.

    “During his administration, every Nigerian found Ogun (State) comfortable. His appointment of an Ndigbo as Special Adviser then shows he is a true Nigeria”.

    “Gbenga Daniel has impeccable credentials”.

    –Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu,


    “We have examined all the candidates and you are fit for that job.  Agewise you are fit, the party leadership requires someone who is youthful and you are”.

    “In all the aspirants, you are the most qualified.  I want to assure you that we will work in your favour”.

    “Come 2019, PDP will go back to power and for us to achieve that, we must have a dynamic and God-fearing Chairman. We need someone that can not be compromised”.

    – Ebonyi PDP Chairman, Bar. Onyekachi Nwebonyi,


    “Gbenga Daniel is the most qualified to be the Chairman of the party. He has the much needed experience, he is courageous and possesses the winning formula. The success of PDP will depend on who we elect as our Chairman”.

    “Nigerians are looking up to PDP to come and rescue them. We need a Chairman like Gbenga Daniel”.

    – Former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Chief Dubem Onyia,


    “You are one of our best in the PDP and having shown desire to lead the party, we would commit it into the hands of God because with him, all things are possible. It also involves the decision of all the stakeholders and I want to assure you that I won’t work against you because it will not be in the best interest”.

    “You have the energy, strength, agility and experience working for you in this contest”.

    – Gov. Ayodele Fayose, Ekiti State Governor.


    “Your name rings bell across every home in Ondo State, you left an indelible landmark in Ogun State that is an envy to us here in Ondo. We are proud of you because you are part of us”.

    “We need you at the helms of affair in PDP”.

    – Chairman, Ondo State PDP, Mr. Clement Faboyede,


    “Otunba Daniel is a likeable personality who many people believe can deliver if given the opportunity.”

    – Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu


    “Otunba Daniel has the necessary capabilities to bring back the good old days to PDP and restore people’s hope”. “With your antecedents, we know you have the formula to take out the incumbent and install a PDP governor in our State and also go ahead to install a PDP President come 2019″.

    – Imo State, former Deputy Governor; Dr. Douglas Acholonu


    “I am sure he will not condone any act of impunity. He is tested and proven and I have no doubt in my mind in his ability to turn around the fortunes of PDP positively. He has the capacity to help us realize our dream and I have great respect for him. If election is to be held right now, I am sure of his victory-

    – PDP Chairman, Abia State, Sir John Onuigbo,


    “Daniel is a humble personality and I want him to be rest assured that we shall support him totally.

    – (Chief) Justina Eze; a member of the PDP BoT, Enugu.


    “We are happy to have you here in Yola and we are glad that despite the distance and bad roads, you took the risk to visit us. You are the first among other contenders to visit us, and we really appreciate it”.

    “As a former Governor and someone who has contested election and won, you are the only one who understands the party and what it takes to win. We are happy to align with you and we want you to use your network to bring back former members of the party who left the party.  The people here are the true representatives of the party in the state and we all here are against impunity. We have the belief that your wide connection will help woo aggrieved members back to the party and boost it’s success  in coming elections”.

    “We are proud to align with you. Among all the aspirants, only you have gone through elections and we know you understand the power of party machinery. I want to suggest that you persuade them and bring them back into the fold, we are waiting for them.”

    – Adamawa State PDP Chairman, Barrister Shehu A.T.


    “Being the first aspirant to come and seek our support shows Daniel is a very serious and an experienced politician. He has been a governor and that means he understands what it takes to win elections. We pray that God will use us to pick him as the Chairman.”

    – Deputy Chairman, Adamawa State PDP, Mr. Tumithy Audu Vimvin.


    “My Governor sends his regards. When I heard that you’re contesting and speaking from my heart, I was so happy that someone like you is coming up to help rebuild our party. I do hope that you would close ranks with others aspirants so that we can have a smooth convention and whatever the result of the convention, you all will work for the success of the party. We younger generation are looking up to you”.

    – Taraba State Dep. Governor, Engr. Haruna Manu.

    Credit: City People Magazine. 

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