KOGI | Crisis Hits Kogi East, As 3 People Lays Claim To Senate Seat

    – Kogi East, APC Candidate,Abdul Abubakar lay Claim To The Seat,Asked Appeal Court To Declare Him Authentic Occupant
    Aidoko Says,It Is An Abberation
    APC senatorial candidate,Abdulrahman Abubakar has approached the Abuja division of the court of Appeal to declare him authentic senator representing the area against the ruling of the supreme court In September this year
    Abdul Abubakar has approached INEC through the controversial AGF to re- validate ‎the decision of appelate court that declared his participation at the rerun legal and in tandem with the laid down procedures
    Senator Atai Aidoko removed the APC Abdul Abubakar from the senate in 2016 after securing a victory from the election petition  tribunal and affirmed by the appeal court Abuja division
    The current Senator Atai Aidoko Ali was on the verge of been sworn in ‎after winning the rerun that excluded the APC Abdul Abubakar, when a pre- election judgment was obtained by AM Isaac Mohammed Alfa(rtd),from the federal high court and was subsequently sworn in as kogi east senator
    Senator Aidoko approached the appeal court that removed Isaac Alfa of APC and declared that his certificate of return withdrawn and fresh one issued to the current senator by INEC ‎and was subsequently sworn in January
    Both candidates approached ‎the apex court in their separate capacities and had the two cases dismissed with cost awarded while it ordered for fresh retrial at the lower court to ensure the original occupant of the seat taking evidences
    Dissatisfied with the earlier judgment of the Appeal court that ruled on lack of jurisdiction of the federal high court and not set aside by the Supreme court ruling,the incumbent senator also sought for referral of interpretation of the constitutional issue,a case the appeal court returned to the lower court for statusquo ante which led to media haywire declaring the seat vacant were there was none
    In his judgment,Justice Abdul Aboki of the appeal court stated that the constitutional provisions to entertain the referal was lacking in the application and therefore reverted to the lower court for fresh retrial ‎as directed by the apex court citing abuse of court processes
    As the drama rages on,analyst in the legal profession said the moves by the two earlier abrupt senator is grievous and tantamount to abuse of court process by reintroducing a matter earlier decided by the various court levels and the supreme court,‎as well as the wrong impression and fake judgment paraded before the public by lawyers of Isaac Mohammed Alfa declaring the seat of kogi east vacant
    Based on the misinformation and misinterpretation,the removed APC senator relied on the purported judgment to approach the appeal court
    Meanwhile,Kogi east Senator Atai Aidoko Ali has slammed a 1Billion naira suit against the controversial Nigerian AGF,Shenu Malami in an extra judicial decision ‎and letter written to INEC to re -validate the certificate of return issued to Abdul Abubakar of APC and withdraw that of the current senator
    INEC chairman has issued a statement refusing to oblige the directive of the AGF,while the two abrupt senators ‎have shown interest to be joined as parties to the matter billed for hearing in. February
    The retrial at the federal high court is expected to commence tentatively by January 15 as directed by the apex court judgment

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