Home Opinions EKITI 2018: Nigerians Are Their Own Problem. -@BOGbadamosi (MUST READ) 

EKITI 2018: Nigerians Are Their Own Problem. -@BOGbadamosi (MUST READ) 

Four short years ago, a number of Nigerian political parties fused together, with the sole objective of grabbing power from the party then ensconced on the throne.
To realise their objective, they tolerated their stark differences in outlook on life, and so, strange-bedfellows entered a painful marriage of convenience, just to see off a perceived common enemy.
Each had a different agenda, one seeking power mainly for pecuniary gain, the other for the sole purpose of actualising a centuries old fantasy empire. These different objectives would be achieved, with one inevitably besting the other in this new alliance, at great material and tragically, human cost.
Part of the cost has been the new trend of state governors deliberately, irresponsibly and diabolically refusing to pay salaries to their workers, and owing them arrears of up to 26 months.
This is a demonic plot on the part of the governors to impoverish their people, thus rendering them susceptible to cash or even more pitifully, food inducements for their votes.
This theory of mine is about to be proved right in Ekiti State, where back salaries of up to 9 months are deliberately owed.
Cash and FOOD inducements are already being deployed by the terrible twins – APC & PDP, in their primitive but largely effective quest for the votes of a starving populace in a largely civil servant state devoid of any serious commercial activity, because, to be frank, of the ineptitude of the two previous governors.
Laughably, the current one is trying to foist his hapless deputy on the state with a hugely ironic slogan – CONTINUITY! In other words, the governor would like his deputy to CONTINUE his policy of owing salaries to the bulk of civil servants while he feasts on the best and traipses around the country in private jets.
The man on the other side was thoroughly trounced by the current governor as an incumbent in a loss now referred to as 16-0. He was that incompetent and a thoroughly nasty piece of work to his own people.
These two, in a sane society, would never again see the political light of day. This next Gubernatorial election in Ekiti State is in fact a contest between honour and hunger in Ekiti.
A vote for either of Eleka or Fayemi would amount to a resounding victory for the starvation strategy, and would most likely signal the death of honour and the enthronement of slavery in Ekiti, the final frontier.
The alternative is the suave, independent (typically, for an Ekiti man), enigmatic but successful businessman, Segun Adewale of the ACTION DEMOCRATIC PARTY – ADP.
Adewale is neither a friend of the President who wants to collect Ekiti land for his brothers from Niger, nor a protege of a governor who owes workers up to 9 months salaries, despite regularly collecting Federal Allocations due to Ekiti.
He is a committed son of Ekiti and an astute and hardworking businessman who is determined to lift his state out of poverty by cleverly harnessing the comparative advantages of Ekiti to build a flourishing, bold new economy.
I am not able to vote in Ekiti, but as one committed to the upliftment of the Yoruba nation, if I were, I would vote for the one man I see as a kindred spirit – Otunba Segun Adewale.
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