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Atiku Will Usher In New Era – Owolabi Marvellous



Dear Country People,

I want to use this medium to congratulate Nigerians and the entire members of the largest party in Africa, the People Democratic Party on the choice of atiku Abubakar as the candidate to battle the outgoing President Muhammad buhari.

Flash back to what the PDP has been through, from the leadership crisis to intimidation of opposition members by the Buhari administration, it was said that the PDP was dead and nothing good will ever come out of the party. We must then give Glory to God for bringing a man who has been with Nigeria through the bad and good times. Indeed, the candidature of Atiku is historic in the year to come.

The current administration has shown that they are not ready for governance and they have only come to rob Nigeria of her commonwealth, which by God grace in 2019 there would be an end to it. By virtue of their performance during electioneering, in the building up to 2015 general elections, one would have thought they had the solutions to some of the challenges of Nigeria. But, time has revealed the APC monumental failures.

With their banner of failures already flying solo and so high, and the divine emergence of other well-meaning Nigerians including Former Vice President Atiku Abubakr, Nigerians must demand that APC and its candidate in the election must engage all other opposition parties on issues of national importance, preferably in form of series of live televised debates. The era of giving votes to just anybody is gone and gone for life.

What we need at this critical time in our national life is a proven leadership and governance experiences with a sound background in Nigerian business environment. Nigeria needs a man who has a track record of success in businesses, personal life, leadership capacities, health and vigour needed for the office of the Nigerian President come 2019.

Among many others, our economy is on the brink of collapse with the latest hint that Nigeria might slide into recession again. If not for the hyper cluelessness of present failed APC led government, Nigeria wouldn’t have slide into recession in the first place not to talk of another impending economic downturn. Our education sector is almost dead and we need a well exposured educated man, with good academic record to save us, not someone with controversial academic credentials.

Furthermore, unemployment is fast rising with millions currently out of jobs due to short sightedness of the Buhari led administration. A few thousands who have been absorbed in poorly organized batches of N Power cannot equal the number of those who lost their daily bread in the hands of the fraud call APC government in the next ten years. The records are there.

With all of these in our basket, the agility of a tiger, tenacity of a lion and super leadership prowess is the answer to the myriads of challenges facing us today. Atiku Abubakar remains the best option for Nigerians and we must embrace and support him till the very last day. With Atiku Abubakr, the Nigeria of our dreams is here,

Incase Buhari government is still interested in hoisting his failures on “challenges in the system”, someone should please remind him that his government formed to correct ills and not remind us of our headache. Let’s let Atiku touch Nigeria with his Midas hands and see the turn around in such a lifetime.

Nigerians say No to Complacency, bigotry, nepotism, fraud and gangsterized corruption. Support and vote Atiku Abubakar for President, FRN.

God bless Nigeria.

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