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2019: Adewale Hails Obasanjo, Canvasses For Protection Of South West Votes


A chieftain and former Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Otunba Segun Adewale, popularly called Aeroland, has hailed the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for his exemplary leadership concerning the State of the Nation.

Adewale said that Chief Obasanjo’s letter “Point of Concern and Action” came at the right time, because he has been echoing in the same direction, the need for all stakeholders to be vigilant, and ensure that our nascent democracy is not truncated by those who are hell bent on staying in power at all cost.

He stressed further that, the biggest threat are those who do not care about our constitution anymore but only care about “Regime Protection”, advising that Nigerians must remain resolute by voting for a candidate that can get the country working again.

Adewale however reiterated on his earlier call, that South West votes will determine who will emerge as the next President of the country, according to him, he said both Atiku and Buhari will slug it out in the North, while South South and South East are the area of strength for PDP, but the total number of votes in that area will be complimented by what South West can add.

He said, PDP must work very hard to secure the bloc votes that the South West will produce. Adewale noted some factors that may militate against this victory, that if wrong people are engaged to coordinate the region, there will be big trouble for the party.

Adewale made this known to Newsmen at the Muritala Muhammed Airport on his way out of Lagos for a meeting in Abuja on Tuesday Morning.

According to him, he believes that the chances of the former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is very bright but must ensure that he work with people who truly wants him to emerge at the polls.

He said for instance in Lagos, a lot of the people running and forming a circle around Alhaji Atiku from the State, have not lifted a finger to add anything to Atiku’s electoral fortune or campaign, adding that many of them lacks the political sagacity to use their influence to affect his electoral fortune.

It is not a news that Nigerians have rejected APC, their only hope is to rig the election shamelessly, and our party must be ready to prevent it by looking for trusted and capable hands with committed party members who are ready to man or protect all the polling Units and collation centres in the region.

PDP have always won convincingly in South West but our polling agents are too porous, the elections are rigged right from polling units to collation centers with intimidation and forceful declaration of fake result, outright refusal or allowing PDP voters to even vote in some of the polling units.

He stressed further that the 2019 election is a very peculiar election year in Nigeria’s history, noting that, the campaign emphasis must be on securing votes rather than extensive campaigns or spending too much money and time on the nationwide tour, getting people who can secure our votes in various state should be out paramount task, Adewale Said.

Adewale said if Atiku truly wants to win convincingly in South West, he must assemble young and smart “Hard Working Team” with proven electoral track record and not the regular old and tired brigades who won’t event step outside their doors on the election day. It is one thing to be a leader and another thing is to be a responsible leader, how do you categorize some of them that on the election day, when our PDP members have issues, the so called leaders won’t do anything while some of them will deliberately switch off their mobile phones.

He said that the party must take a cue from the recently concluded Ekiti and Osun election, he posited that all hands must be on deck if indeed the party want a resounding victory in 2019. Adewale said that Nigerians will vote for PDP massively, we must play our own role to secured Atiku Victory by looking for a minimum of 100 strong, vibrant and honest people from each ward throughout the South West to man our polling units

The PDP Chieftain said that, it is obvious that some of the so called leaders from the region are running from pillar to post just to be named State Coordinators but cannot stake their personal finance to kick off campaign but waiting for the “Atiku’s Money”, the same set of people have their strong links and family members benefiting immensely from Buhari’s government, how do we expect such people to work with all their strength to ensure that Atiku emerge from the region? Adewale asked.

According to him, both Atiku and Buhari will share Northern votes, South East and South South are for PDP but South West is the battle ground and as such, credible people must be chosen to man all the States in the region. Adewale said that Lagos, out of the about 85m registered voters declared by the INEC, has over 5 million voters spread across the 20 local government and 37 LCDAs created by the State government, it is a peculiar State that needs men who can navigate it despite the structure of the ruling APC.

I am speaking from experience because I know how APC rig elections recklessly. In 2007 when I first contested, the ruling party got a wind of my popularity, they connived with INEC and removed my party’s logo from Ballot paper. In 2011, I won convincingly same INEC declared a fake result in favor of Olamilekan Yayi.

They used the same pattern in 2015 when i won in 7 out of 10 Local governments, APC in connivance with INEC delayed results from 3 local governments, when they knew the summed up of the figures from the 7 LGS where I won, they suddenly released outrageously rigged results from the delayed 3 LGs.

Evidence of the real results were presented in court, but the presiding judge at that time claimed that the file was stolen from his office and no effort was made to investigate the theft of the sensitive tribunal documents.

Adewale, said to guide against APC’s planned manipulation of results, serious plans must be put in place by the PDP, he said it will be difficult to achieve good outing if the party continues to enthrust it’s political plans in the hands of those who are PDP in the morning and APC members at night.

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