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We’ll Mobilize Our 20m Members For Rescheduled Elections. – Shiites.


  • Postponement of the 2019 General Elections; our message to Nigerians.

We believe that free and fair election makes a fundamental contribution to any government that is considered to be democratic.

Yes, elections enable voters to select whoever they think can lead a government and will be held accountable for his performance in office.

To many Nigerians, the postponement of the election within hours was a deliberate, and programmed scheme of General Buhari to cling on to power even when it is obvious to him that Nigerians want him out.

Others believe General Buhari is just buying time for himself. The delay will not save him from the imminent defeat that awaits him; Buhari and his cabals are scared of a free, fair and peaceful election.

Prior to 2015 Zaria Massacre, only few supporters of Shaikh Zakzaky used to vote because it is clear to any discerning Nigerian that elections in Nigeria were hitherto characterised by massive rigging in favour of the incumbent.

However, the 2015 general elections came with the incumbent midwifing an election that saw to the defeat of the incumbent and the ushering in of this government, courtesy of the card reader system.

It was therefore apparent, that for the first time in Nigerian history, votes actually counted.

Then comes the Zaria Massacre, which was planned and executed by the Buhari Administration.

Shaikh Zakzaky was attacked in his house by the Nigerian Army, more than one thousand Nigerians were killed including his three sons, nephew and his 78 year old sister.

Disobedience to the rule of law is an integral character of the so called “Democratic” Government of General Buhari.

Shaikh Zakzaky was shot severally with his wife and detained illegally despite the court orders that his detention was illegal and that he should be released and be compensated.

The Islamic movement is a mass movement of millions of people from different strata of life. It is not a partisan movement and is not in alliance with any political party.

The voting season has come again. It is imminent now that supporters of Sheikh Zakzaky are going to massively vote in order to oust the incumbent that meted out to us the most inhuman abuses and brutal massacre ever in the history of Nigeria.

Those that think they can clamp on our rights as Nigerians will clearly see if we have political relevance in our country or not. The teeming number of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers is obvious.

No Government created Shia agents have up to 500 sincere followers but the followers of his eminence, Shaikh Zakzaky(H) are no fewer that twenty million (20,000,000).

Throughout Nigeria and in Kaduna State, we are going to firmly support those that care about us and the society as a whole . Clearly, perpetrators of Zaria Massacre will understand the implication of killing innocent Nigerians.

Our leader His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky had touched a great number of lives of the Muslim and Christian intellectuals in Nigeria, across ethnic and tribal divides. He played the fatherly role of protecting our Christian brothers and sisters during the post-election violence in 2011, perpetrated by the Supporters of the then opposition flag bearer, General Muhammadu Buhari.

The postponement of last Saturday’s Election is a clear sign of the ill-intention and cowardice of the Buhari Administration and no amount of treachery and planned rigging would bring back this spineless and confused government.

This election postponement has affected many Nigerians negatively, as so many of them travelled far distances in order to exercise their civic right, and many businesses had closed down in anticipation of the election thereby, loosing a lot of resources to this ill-intended postponement.

We urge all Nigerians to be peaceful, shun violence and come out to discharge their constitutional right in chasing all tyrants out of power.

This should be an opportunity for Nigerians to gather additional momentum, to emulate the spirit of hope, tolerance and devotion.
For three years, brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement have been protesting peacefully without giving up. Dear Nigerians don’t give up, stand for your rights.


S.I Ahmad
For Supporters of Shaikh Zakzaky Political Forum

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