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Not Too Young To Rule, The Old Guys Are Still In Charge. By – By Mako Sylvester


– We are loosing our generation time because the old people are still occupying the space.
 Though I was disappointed last Thursday  when moghalu and Fela were busy on national television bragging who is more popular. This clearly tellls me that they might not be the future we are looking for as they missed the idea of what needs to be done. That also explains why they couldn’t come together to provide us with an alternative.  
And I do not also agree that they should be going for the presidency directly. Because experience counts. Look at our youth brother in kogi. It’s an example of a youth failure. Monumental failure. Imagine sowore contesting as governor of lagos state or moghalu for Anambra State governor or even senate for them. 
It can become a launching pad and position then to take on the center. Than everybody wants to be president at once. Having said that, am also happy that a lot of our youths are participating in this election in different categories. Look at banky w and the rest, that’s the way to go. Start little by little and climb the ladder. 
I always use OBama as an example. Am sure Obama might never be president if his first attempt into politics was to contest the president of America. So he started from house, senate and now shot to presidency. Some people will think am supporting Atiku in this election. The answer is NO. But am a very realistic person. 
None of the new guys can win this election. So am looking at the only two that can win and I have to make a choice. In 2015 I was so passionate about PMB and I campaigned for him everywhere, social media, drinking place etc because I believed that he will come and change the Nigerian fortune. 
The PMB I voted in 2015 is not the man running the affairs of this country now. Not because the wife said so but am experienced enough to know that when a leader is not in charge, you are bound to get conflicting instructions from his trusted 2ic. In this case we have atleast two or three of them. 
Struggling to outsmart each other, running nigeria as if nobody cares. Quote me, another 4 years of those men in Aso Rock running the affairs of this nation will reck this country. PMB is an upright man and means well for this country but he is weak and people are taking advantage of him and theirs nothing he can do about it. Because of  health challenge, he must rely on those crocks to run the country and they are cleaning out big time. This is why I can’t vote for PMB this time around because we have lost him. 
I choose to vote for Atiku simply because he is the next alternative and my only take is that, if he doesn’t perform, we shall also vote him out after 4years. We shall continue to vote them out till God provides us with the leader that can take this nation where it belongs. Olufemi it’s people like you that still gives me hope that nigeria as a nation can survive. You do not know what ur coming back to nigeria to cast ur vote means. It means that if we believe and truly believe, we can change this country. It’s unfortunate that our system once again failed you. 
This is the kind of disappointment we face everyday in our normal day to day activities. But we believe in this nation and believe that one day the messiah will come and the only way to achieve this is moving forward and keep testing new leaders till we get it right.

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