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I’m Not A Member Of Any Other Party, Apart From PDP. -Adewale


The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos, Otunba Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland has debunked the insinuation and rumor being peddled by some mischievous elements that he is a member of another political party other than the PDP.

Adewale said that it is true that he was adopted by another political platform during his governorship outing in Ekiti State, after he tried to clinch his Party PDP’s ticket but met with stiff resistance from the immediate past governor of the State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose. Some political interests who have seen his political work, approached him to fly his gubernatorial ambition on the ADP platform which he is not a member of the party.

Based on mutual understanding, he agreed and ran on that platform, Adewale said that he has since after the political outing returned all the members of PDP in Ekiti who followed him to ADP back to PDP, this is on record, anyone can verify it.

It is not a big deal for another political platform to align with one ambition, which one does not necessarily have to be a member. There were several political parties that adopted our Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku and even Jimi Agbaje was adopted by Labour Party and others during the last election.

He said if he is not a member of PDP as being peddled by these sinking elements, how come he was appointed as the Director General of Atiku/Obi and Agbaje in Lagos West Senatorial district in the Last general elections.

Adewale who said he is the authentic Chairman of PDP in Lagos, has come under incessant attack from his political detractors who are now spinning and sponsoring smear campaign against him, has said that he is more PDP member than any of those sponsoring campaign of calumny against him.

The Chairman said that, he has won overwhelmingly for PDP in Lagos and have spent billions of his hard earned money to develop the party in the State.

Adewale posited that the leadership failure of the party since 1999 is as a result of greed from people like Chief Bode George who would rather have the party incapacitated when things don’t go his way.

He lamented that during the last Lagos council election where he led the party to produced seven councillors, Chief Bode George instead of working with the party, led his group to Labor Party where they won nothing, he and his team frustrated the chances of PDP from going into the election as one united party., affirming that the 65:35 power sharing arrangement deliberately instituted to cause divide and rule by Bode George has now been cancelled, that no more faction under his reign.

He stressed further that in the just concluded Presidential and Governorship elections, Chief Bode George and Dr. Agboola Dominic who claimed to be Chairman of Lagos PDP during a meeting of his faction, boasted they they did not work for the Party’s candidate, publicly ranting that they worked for candidate of another party, surprisingly, those are the characters that are laying claim to the control of our party in Lagos.

What more can be anti party than that, Adewale said that he has the video and Audio clips of that meeting which would be released to all members of PDP in Lagos very soon.

Adewale said that, he decided to step back into his rightful position as the State Chairman to salvage the party from imminent collapse and total destruction by Dominic, because Bode George and his lieutenants are only interested in making money through the party and not for any electoral victory, alleging that Chief George was instrumental to the loss of all the Assembly and House of Representatives candidates in the just concluded 2019 polls.

According to him, he has evidence of where Chief Bode George was instructing some INEC staff that PDP candidates must not win in some constituencies, the conversation was documented, Adewale said how can a man who claimed to be a leader be that wicked, by destroying the political ambition of others just for him to remain lord in the party.

Adewale said, since 1999, Chief Bode George and all his surrogates should bring to the public the results from their polling units, ward and Local government if they have ever won it, he lamented that how can they call themselves leaders without having electoral value or winning to show examples to other party members and faithfuls.

He said this is the last time Bode George and his people will ever have the control of the party in Lagos, vowing that no matter what they do this time, he is sending them into permanent retirement, restated that Dr. Agboola Dominic remained sacked as the Lagos PDP Chairman because his 90 days tenor has expired and that if he is in doubt, he should step his foot into the State Secretariat at Shogunle.

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